March 21, 2008

bulletins.. reposted!!!

...haayy.. walang magawa kaya eto, nag'repost nlng ako ng mga bulletins from friendster...

1.     Where have you been an hour ago?
۞ sa room..

2. State your name?
۞ tricia anne santos lucas

3. Do you like your name?
۞ absolutely!

4. Can you remember what you did on the
first day of your school?
۞ no..!:(

5. What do you want to be in ten years?
۞ wanna be his wife..

7. At what age you first learned to use
a pc?
۞ 10 y/o..

8. Have you ever eaten any exotic food?
۞ yeah!!

9. What was the last illness that you
۞ hmm.. healthy eh..

10 . Do you like listening to rap
۞ not much..

12. What did you do last 1st November
۞ went to the cemetery.. to my lolo..

13. When was the last time you danced?
۞ kanina lang.. I dance every chance I could get!

14. When was the last time you cried
yourself to sleep?
۞ Oh.. last Monday!

15. when was the last time you went to
۞ February 10, 2008

16. What is the brand of your first
۞ hello kitty yata!

17 . Look at your back. what did you
۞ a printer..

18. Say something about the person whom
u like.
۞ sweet*

19. does he/she like you back?
۞ think so..hehe

20. What did you have for breakfast?
۞ d nagbreakfast today eh..

21. What was the last dream you could
۞ oh.. BAD DREAM..

22. What do you usually say when you
meet a person?
۞ hi!

23. Do you agree on the saying "to
forgive is to forget?"
۞ no!

24. Last thing you held before using
the computer?
۞ cellphone..

25. Where is the place you always
dreamed of?

26. When was the last time your tears
۞ last night.. while watching a movie.. hahah!!

28. At what age are you ready to get
۞ 28..?

29. Long hair or short?
۞ Not long nor short..

30. First person to run to if you are
۞ Agene..

31. Whats the last movie you watched?
۞ My BIG LOVE…hahah!

34. Were you attracted to a person ten
years older than you?
۞ no..

35. Are you happy at this point of your
۞ yes

37. Last concert you watched?
۞ Spongecola's Concert

38. are you inlove?
۞ isn’t it obvious..?

39. with whom?
۞ with mk..

40. where are you right now?
۞ home sweet home!

1.Who are you currently texting?
-- no one..

2. Are you comfortable with answering
this personal questions?
-- yes..

3. Have you ever cried and didn't know
-- should I say..i just don’t understand why..

4. When is the last time you were
truly happy with your life?
-- oh.. before my grand mother died..

5. Where was your default picture
-- BARJ Café..

7. What are your favorite color?
-- pink & brown..

8. What do you do when you have a bad
-- I’ll just stay quiet, or I’ll just sleep!

9. Have you ever visioned your own
-- oh yes…!

10. When is the last time you
personally made someone else cry?
--last Monday..

12. Who sounds just like you?
-- our parrot maybe!:)

13. Do you believe exes can really
ever be "just friends"?
-- you can be friends but not JUST FRIENDS!

14. What are you wearing on your feet?
-- flip flops…

15. Last thing you said?
-- " Erica, yung ice cream malulusaw, ilagay mo sa ref!”

16. Would you be able to date someone
who had a kid with someone else?

17. What have you learned recently?
-- "be patient and be kind!”

18. Do you make your bed every day?
-- uhh.. yeah!

19. Are you too shy to tell people
when you're developing feelings for
-- yes I’am!

20. Do you use the internet or
television more?
-- the internet..!!

21. Who messaged you last?
-- Ate Armi.

22. Do you currently hate someone?
-- None..

23. What are your plans tomorrow?
-- I have no plans pa for tom.. natulog na kasi mga bekz eh! Hmp!

24. If you could pack up and leave
your life now to move away, would you?
-- yes..i’ll definitely leave!

25. Have you ever done any acting on
-- yes..hahah!! 

26. Do you like being in pictures?
-- omg! Picture addict kya!!

27. Do you cry easily?
-- yes…sooper cry baby..

28. Have you ever been more attracted
to a significant other's sibling?

29. Where is your phone?
-- beside my slurpee…

30. Are you a romantic person?
-- hahaha.. oo!

31. Do you tend to fall for people
-- no..

32. Which person in your family are
you the most like?
-- all of them..

33. Are you quick to start a fight?
-- no.. but you wouldn’t want to get into fight with me…!

34. What is your favorite subject in
school right now?
-- hmmm… PAIN!:)

35. Do your parents really know YOU?
-- no…

36. Have you ever felt invincible?
-- yes…

37. Do you always get along with your
-- sometimes..

39. Do you feel like you've got some
growing up to do?

1. Silly name you were called by your
close friends?
- tikya, daga..

2. What is your favorite ice cream
` *double dutch! Yumm!!

3. What movie/s are you waiting for?
- other Boleyn girl… huh… inip na nga ako e!

4. If you wanted to be in a band,
what would you be?
- vocalist.. (how I wish!)

5. What is the weirdest thing
you've ever eaten?
- isaw?

6. Do you want to live with your
gf/bf forever?
- of course..

7. Where is the place you want to be
right now?
- China, China, China!!!!

8. What song are you listening?
-Michael Buble’s HOME..

9. If you were given the chance to
show your talent on stage, what would
it be?

10. who's your crush?
- wala eh..

11. What movie/s made you cry?
- the notebook..a lot like love..

12. Name famous people you had a
crush on?
- Orlando Bloom..

13. What are your favorite drinks?
- water..

14. Which anime characters are your
-hate anime..

15. Last day you went out with friends
_ kanina lang.. heheh!
1. Is it cute when a boy/gurls calls
' I missed being called baby!

2. What was the last thing you put in
your mouth?
` ice cream..

3. What does your last incoming text
message say?
` " miss you too..”

4. What was the last song you listened
` HOME by Michael Buble

5. What's irritating you right now?
` mosquitoes…

6. What did you do last night?
` surf the net…

7. What are you excited for?
` im excited for tomorrow..

8. who was the last person to text

9. What did you do today?
` nag’prusisyon..

10. What do you want to do when you get
out of high school/college?
` travel!:)

11. Do you have any siblings?

12. Are you signed onto AIM?
` no..

13. What's your screenname?
` none..

14. Who's your most religious friend?
`I don’t know…hahahahha!! None of the above??

15. Would you rather be drunk or high?
` drunken nights are the best!!!

16. If you could change your name to
anything what would it be?.
` tikya.. hahahah!!

17. What's the best compliment someone
gave you?
` “Attractive ka..”(I’ll never forget that!)

18. Do you curse?

20. How many times a day do you log
into myspace?
` once a day..

21. Last profile you went to?
` my profile..

22. What's the first thing you would do
with five million bucks?
`keep it!

23. What did your last outgoing text
message say?
`" uhm.. secret na yon.,. hahahah!

24. What was the last thing you bought?
`ice cream…

25. Next thing you'll spend money on?
` Lasagna..

26. Is there anybody you just wish
would fall off the planet?
` yup!

27. If you had a son what would you
name him?
` I’ll name him after his father….

28. Look through the 2 nearest windows
what do you see?
` a light!

29. What's your mousepad look like?
`ok nmn xa..hahaha

30. Who is someone you have drifted
` .uhh…secret..

31. Which of your friends do you argue
with most?
` JV!!

32. Have you made a new friend?when?
`yes.. last month I think…

33. What's your dream job?
` to be a flight stewardess..

35. If you could have any car what
would it be?
`uhmm.. anything nlng..

36. What's your favorite breakfast
` hotdogs and bacons…

38. If you could get any piercing what
would it be?
' uhmm.. I already have a piercing..

39. What do you hear?
` Matchbox 20’s PUSH

40. What are you stressed out about?

Can you answer 50 questions about the
1st person that comes into your mind
right now?

Don’t change the person.

Does he or she have a
~ Bad news: yeah!
~Good news: it’s me!!

How old is the person?
~ 17?

Has he/she ever cooked for you?
~ nope

Is this person older than you?
~ no!!

Have you ever kissed this person?
~ absolutely!

Are you really close to him/her?
~ hmm.. pwde n din..

How many times do you talk to this
person in a week?
~ 7 days a week nmn..

Do you think he/she will repost this?
~ no..

Could you live with this person?
~ yes of course!

Why did you choose this person?
~ bec.. he’s the one I love..

How long have you known this person??
~ 3years?

Have you ever been to the mall with
this person?
~ yes.. a couple of times..

Have you ever had a sleepover with this
~ yes.. hahaha…

If you ever moved away would you miss
this person?
~ damn! I’ll do!

Have you ever done something really
stupid or illegal with this person?
~ wala p nmn..

Do you know everything about this
~ not everything..

Would you date this person’s siblings?
~ yes.. I love his siblings!!

Have you ever made something with this
~ hmm.. yeah I think..

Have you ever worn this person’s

Have you and your person made up a hand
~ yes,..

If it was “freaky friday” would you
switch bodies with this person?
~ hahaha.. yeah I will..

Have you ever heard this person sing?
~yes.. he sang for me..

Do you and this person have a saying?
~ yeah…

Do you know this persons myspace
~ nope…privacy remains…

Have you and this person ever gotten
into a fight or argument?
~ tampuhan lang..

Have you and this person gone clubbing?
~ not yet, but I really really wanted to go clubbing with him..

Do you know how to make this person
feel happy?
~ yes..ofcourse..

Do you and this person talk a lot?
~ uhuh!

Do you like this person?
~ a lot like love!!

Have you and this person got into a
~ yes..

Do you want to go out with this
~ yes..

Do you want to be friends with them
~ yes.. we’ll be together..
. Do you own a cellphone with camera?
- yes..

2. When was the last time you met
someone new?
- couple of weeks ago..

3. Last song you heard?
- " Do You by Neyo

4. What is(are?) your favorite colors?
- pink & brown..

5. Are u happy with ur life now?
- definitely..

6. Who will be your Valentine's date?
- aww..tapos n heart’s day eh!!

7. What song are you listening to
right now?
- " Do You..

8. Last person hu texted you?
- Chrles…

9. Last person u texted?
- My bekzies..(GM)

10. Last missed call from?
- can’t recall..

11. When was the last time u smiled?
- kanina lang..

12. What were you doing an hour ago?
- uhmm.. ng’net..

13. Do you know ur bestfriend's crush
- yes of course..

14. Any hidden talents?
- uhmmm… wala ata eh.. walang talent!!

15. What color is your shirt right
- white..

16. do you have any crush?
- wala nga eh.. hmpf!

17. Have you seen your bestfriend cry?
- hay.. countless times..

18. who do you miss most?
- mk..

19. What do you hate most about school?
- wala eh.. I love school!! Hahahahha!!

20. Where is the person you have
feelings for right now?
- sa bahay nila, sleeping na..

21. Do you sleep with the TV on?
- no.. mahal kuryente ah!!

22. Who's Friendsters Password Do You
- hmm.. madami eh..

23. Is there someone you wanna date
right now?
- mk..

24. How many people can you say you've
really loved?
- loads..

25. Are you loud or quiet most of the
- d ko lam eh.. parang both yata! Hahaha..

26. Have you visited someone in the
- oh yes..

27. How many kids do you want to have?
- one or two..

28. Does your crush(s) like you
- wala akong crush eh!!!

29. If you could go back in time and
change something, what do you want to
- nothing!

30. Have a crazy side?
- yes…of course.. sooper crazy nga eh!:)

Message: Uncomfortable Survey
(Let's see if you can get through it.
not, you're too scared about your past)

- Longest relationship:
♥2 years,1 month and 2days..

- Shortest relationship:
♥ 3months..

- Have you ever thought that you were
going to marry the person you were
♥ yes,..

- Have you ever LOVED someone so much
that it hurts?

- Have you ever made a boyfriend or
girlfriend cry?
♥ an ex boyfriend- maybe..

- Are you happier single or in a
♥ in a relationship..

- Have you ever been cheated on?
♥ Twice..!:)

- Have you ever had your heart broken?:
♥ countless times!!

- Have you ever broken someone's
♥ sad to say but yes..

- If you could go back in time would
you change things to where you could
still be with one of your exs?
♥ Definitely NOT anymore!!

- Think any of your ex's feels the same
♥ feels what?

- Do you believe that you are good?

- Have you dated people who were not
good to you?
♥ nope!

- Have you dated someone older than
♥ yes..

- Do you believe everyone deserves
another chance?
♥ yes.. I always give chances..

- Believe in love at first sight?
♥ no..

- Ever dated two people at once?:
♥ nope..

- Do you want to get married?:
♥ someday!

- Do you have something to say to any
of your exs?
♥ well.. I guess I already told them what I had to say..

- Ever stolen someone's boyfriend or
♥ I didn’t know that he has a girl friend… (nag-explain daw ba!)

- Does heartbreak really feel as bad as
it sounds?
♥ it felt so bad as it looks and sounds like…

- Are you looking for a boyfriend or
♥ found it!!
Type in your answers for the following
13 questions:
1. Why don’t you have a gf/bf?
>> I have a lot of gf’s… hehehe!

2. Is it better to be single or
committed? Why?
>> Committed... be one and you’ll know..

3. What are the disadvantages of being
>> The feeling of getting tired of being by yourself and waiting for nothing...

4. What are the advantages of being
>> No boundaries baby!:p

5. Why do you think some people remain
>> God is still writing the finest love tale for them

6. Do you think it is easier for man
or woman to be single?
>> yes

7. Why did you think some people
prefer to be single?
>> maybe they’re happy being single..

8. Do you think that there is a soul-
mate somewhere for everyone?
>> yeah..

9. What do people think about a woman
in her 30s who is single?
>> she’s still looking for someone to love,(I think!)

10. What do people think about a man
in his 30s who is single?
>> ugh! Let me think bout it.. ok!

11. Would you like to be single all
your life? Why?
>> No! coz’ I’m looking at the brighter side of life..

12. Do you think that single people
like being single?
>> Maybe...

13. Are you happy right now?
>> yes..