February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

"Are you sure you're NOT a tower? because EIFFEL for you!" 
HAHA! It seemed legit to be a total cheeseball every 14th of February, so I started it with bombarding my ever dearest boyfriend with travel pick up lines that I read in Lonely Planet. Valentine's Day is one of my fave Events aside from the Holiday season and my birthday. Probably because I got used to my parent's mandatory "Valentine Dinner Date" when I was a little kid. Our family's Vdates are one of my precious memories of childhood, it reminds me that above all the exciting JS proms, dinner date with boyfriends or single ladies night outs, family dinner should be the priority. After all, (aside from GOD) our families are our FIRST LOVE. Most importantly, these Vdates with my fam were one of the few memories of our complete kin. This year was extra special, extra tiring yet extra FUN! Erickson and I spent the entire day together with his family, mine and with God. 

Spent Valentine's Day in Monasterio de Tarlac. My panget's  first time to visit the church.
View from the top.

And of course, he never fails to give me flowers every Feb. 14.

The flowers were delivered at my house and surprised me when we got home.

A different kind after 7 years. LOL! He used to give White roses. =)

To my one and only love, Thank You for the well spent Valentine's Day! Even if you're tired and sleepless, you dragged your lazy ass to have dinner with me. The flowers were gorgeous, I loved them that It took me an entire afternoon to look at them before taking pictures. Hehe!! I love you and Missing you every sec! To many more Valentine's Day and cheesy pick up lines!!