October 10, 2012

Style File: Kristen Stewart


Love the ripped shirt!
I think there's no better outfit for travelers than being comfortable. =)


Love her loafers and what she did with the shirt. 
The ultimate sneakersss!!
Retro Vibe on her sunglasses paired with a mustard sneakers. Love it!


Must be one of my fave KStew outfits.
Not so feminine. Not so Rugged. Love her dress, hair & make-up as well.

This dress is to die for!!
The good thing about her is, she can wear any color and would still look good in it!

Love the braids and the dress. 
Simple and Classic.
Ah!! I died when I saw this!! Love the entire look!!
Neon Skirt and Rubber Wedges!!! =)
Her signature - Mini and Black Stilettos!

One of my fave long gowns of K.Stew.
Lace, Sheer and Black is LOVE!!
With mile-long legs, there's no reason to hide it!! 
The dress will speak for itself!!
Photos from InStyle

My fave dress of hers. Look at those swarovski crystals!!
I'm not a big fan of her acting but I've seen all the Twilight films and I'm not ashamed to say it. Why? Coz' every movie deserves a chance to be seen! Sure, there are many fashion hits and miss from her but what's important is that she learns from it, she's confident about herself and is very different from others. You know what Yves Saint Laurent said? 
"Fashion fades but STYLE is eternal".
Photos from InSTYLE and Google.