April 19, 2012

Photo Diary: Monasterio de Tarlac

Our annual visit to Monasterio de Tarlac with Papa and Tita Nila. It's been four consecutive years that I've been visiting this Church every SUMMER.
Thank You Lord for such a memorable and fun summer.

April 15, 2012

Photo Diary: Baler, Aurora

After a long time of planning, I was finally able to see the Beautiful Baler, Aurora! Famous for its beach and waterfalls, Baler surely is one of the most favorite tourist spots here in Central Luzon. 

Beautiful Rock Formation.
The water was just so crystal clear.

Woke up extra early to see this beautiful Sunrise. 
Sunrise in Sabang Beach.

After hitting the beach, we went straight to see the town's waterfalls.

Our lil boy.

Last stop was the famous and oldest Balete Tree in Baler. This tree is about 500 years old already and It's size is about 5 normal trees combined. 

I'm just at the roots. imagine that!

I will surely visit this place again!

April 9, 2012

Annual Easter Egg Hunting and Eca + Jaymes Birthday Celebration

It's April and It's my sisters' birth month again! We celebrated their joint birthdays on the same day as Easter, though Jaymes birthday was March 6, we couldn't do anything but make him a part of the celeb because both these Bunso(s) are our boss. It was our family's tradition to celebrate Easter, Paint Eggs, and find them when the elders finally hid them. It was the only time for us where we're allowed to have fun because we do Visita Iglesia, Church Visiting, Processions, Praying the Rosary and Many More Church Activities the entire Holy Week. Plus, It was the time to eat something NOT seafood or vegetables! LOL! This year is my FIRST time in 23 years that I'm NOT a part of the Egg Hunting anymore, Sad but Life goes on. LOL! I found my new Easter happiness in hiding the eggs and I made sure that they we'rent easy to find! =)
Our space for Egg Hunting
Hidden Eggs
Aaaaannnd It's game time!!
The first founder! LOL!
Happy Egg Hunters
(L-R) Jaymes, Julia, Kyle, Lyanne
Makes me Hungrrrryyy..

Jaymes preparing the easter eggs for his guests.
Eca and Jaymes blowing their home made cake.
Erica and her friends
My besties minus Frea and Reign.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear ERICA and JAYMES! Wishing you all the best and enjoy!