August 14, 2009

The Proposal

Genre: Romantic Comedy
The Proposal is about an executive editor-in-chief Margaret Tate whose Visa Application was denied and was about to be deported to her hometown.

Since she is a native of Canada, she could not continue to work for an American Company, so she abruptly thought of something that would save her and that’s to blackmail her good-looking assistant Andrew Paxton and force him to marry her.

Mr. Gilbertson (a government investigator) informed them that they will undergo various testing to prove that the marriage is not just for the reason of Margaret staying in her company. Andrew agreed under the condition that he will be promoted as editor and that Margaret will publish his manuscripts.

They went home to Sitka, Alaska (Andrew’s hometown) to let his family know about their PLANNED wedding, and to Margaret’s surprise, Andrew belongs to a family whose business is at the four corners of Alaska.
(Simply owning the entire town) :)

Their 3 days vacation made Margaret realize that he could not do this to Andrew, especially to his family. She appreciated the feeling of having a family, and the feeling of being In Love with Andrew.

---TWO THUMBS UP for this film, I simply loved it. if I had 10 Thumbs, I’ll raise it all for this movie.. It’s a love story that’s not so cheesy but instead they showed a lot of respect for each other which is much better than kilig moments but you’ll surely laugh and sob at the same time just like me..

Sandra Bullock- Margaret Tate
Ryan Reynolds- Andrew Paxton

Anne Fletcher

Pete Chiarelli Screenplay

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