March 25, 2012


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Style Diaries: Comfort Style

I still can't move on with my jumpsuit last week, so the moment I woke up, I kept on thinking what comfortable piece of clothing to wear. Since I have only one jumpsuit and I don't want to wear it naman agad, I've decided to wear leggings nalang.
While my sister was looking for clothes to wear on my closet, I saw this yellow, wide-leg trouser that we bought last January (that we both haven't worn yet) and had this sudden light-bulb-idea on my head! I immediately asked her to take the pants out of the closet because I remembered how soft and flow-y the trouser is! It was so perfect for the very moody Sunday weather but my kontrabida sister told me "San punta?", meaning- My pants was too formal daw for a day at the mall. I gave her the reason naman na "I'm going to church!". HAHA!! I realized how right my sister is so I opted for a more casual top that I got from my elder sister and voila! Casual and Comfort!

Comfort Style


March 24, 2012

Photo Diary: Kids' Night Out

These pictures just made me realize how fun it was to be a kid. Watching my nieces and nephews making fun of each other and just fooling around doesn't just bring a smile to my face, but a light in my heart as well. I'll always thank God for bringing these little angels in my life, for without them, my life would never ever be complete! 
"We can only be young once, so live life to the fullest and you'll regret nothing!"