September 26, 2011

Good. MUSIC. Can. Be. So. Hard. To. Find.

I have always liked Maroon 5 and Adam Levine, I even have a whole album of their songs in my iPod before but THIS IS THE FIRST TIME that I can say, I'M ADDICTED not to the band but to ADAM LEVINE!!
And I just can't believe I missed out on their Concert Last May here in The Philippines.
Anyway, here's the SONGS that I've been Singing the whole week!! MAJOR LSS!!


This song is uplifting and very easy on my ears. Adam's voice is just right for the chorus and bridge but Travie is exceptional, The Lyrics were so cool!

(can't embed the video coz' it's not allowed by VEVO., so just click the link and watch it!)

I really appreciated Adam's singing here. His voice is really one of a kind, he's not shy to experiment  with his voice or to hit a Diva-ish tone, He even grooves and sways like he's so sexy -- AND YES HE IS!! haha!!
One thing I liked bout this song is the WHISTLING!! It's just so new to Maroon 5's kind of songs and the band were just equally great to create a music that's so funky yet fresh and upbeat!
And oh! did I mention that it is a collaboration with Christina Aguilera? Yes, the great vocals of C mixed with Maroon 5 equals a very favorite new song of mine. Even my friends loved it!!

Anyway here's a Video f M5 without CA that I've been watching over and over. haha!!
Moves Like Jagger in the NFL Kick--off Show, You can see how Adam sways his hips here. So cute!!

September 15, 2011

Fiction Addiction

Yes!! it's Finally September which means All of my favorite shows are lined up for Fall's Season premieres!!
Gossip Girl for its 5th season and Vampire Diaries on it's 3rd installment!

I am actually very much Excited about The Vampire Diaries the most, coz I was really surprised by its Season finale  for So many reasons!
First up!! 
Jeremy was revived from death and saw all of his Dead Ex-Girl friends -- which I think is the consequence of Bonnie's witch spell that brought him to life. 
Caroline and Matt broke up while Tyler is falling in love with Vampire Barbie.
 a newly-single Alaric. (I'll Miss you though Aunt Jenna!)
and Last but not the least!!
Stefan and Klaus took off from Mystic Falls leaving Elena alone with Damon 
(whom she kissed at the last ep).

So, tell me Vampire Fans out there, HOW CAN I NOT BE EXCITED for Season 3??? HAHAH!
Anyways, what I love the most bout TVD is there's so many promotional pictures and spoilers that drove me crazy and drooling! (Way too much!)  LOL!
Here's some vids to excite your thirts!!


I've always thought that whomever the writer of the Vampire Diaries is genus! haha!
Seriously! the drama,thrill,romance, the TWIST makes me think harder than ever. I wonder where they get all their ideas and wonderful lines, especially Damon's! 
To fulfill our excitement more, here's TVD's Executive Producer Julie Pec spilling some news on Season Three's First Episode "The Birthday" 

The Vampire Diaries' new season begins Thursday, Sept. 15 on The CW.

Another Extra Ordinary and Missing-to-death TV Show is GOSSIP GIRL!
YES! it is equally addicting as TVD with all the juicy lines and scenes too.
No one will go against me if I say this show is by far the most watched Series of women in our generation.
It's a must-have slash must-see TV series for ladies like us who loves FASHION and NEW YORK!
But there's more than Fashion and NYC in Gossip Girl, this is a show with a roller coaster series of emotions as well.
From friendship, Family, Love to Scandals, Humor, Lies and etc. etc.
Someone asked me "What is Gossip Girl all about?"
I answered "It's about EVERYTHING." Just that simple. No more explanations needed.
Therefore, Let's reminisce!! We ended the 4th season with our Upper East Siders, packing up again for SUMMER!
Blair with her fiance, Prince Louis in Monaco and Serena is about to discover her purpose in life (AGAIN!) in Los Angeles. (but I think her Fake Cousin Charlie will be back as a regular in this 5th season.)
The uber hot Bachelors Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald are about to jet-set around the globe. So summery for GG, but where's Dan Humphrey?

I heard he spent the Summer in the Hamptons and his book was published already -- by Vanessa!!
Tsk. Tsk. Poor Lonely Boy!!
the MOST SHOCKING cliff hanger of Season 4 isssssssssss.....

Someone in Manhattan's Elite is Pregnant! 
Could it be Blair? Serena? or Dorota? HAHA!
many of us would think, It's Blair that's pregnant but wth whom? Chuck or Louis?
It may also be Serena with Ben, right? 
For me, It'll be cute to see little evil babies with headbands and bow ties! LOL! =)
Well, just one more week and we'll know the Answer but For now, here's some HOLLYWOOD Sneak Peek!!

Elizabeth Hurley is just so HOT! She's now my 2nd favorite Girlfriend of NATE! haha!
"So Watch out Upper East Siders, this season nobody's safe, and everybody's going to be sorry.."
xoxo, Gossip Girl.
(I miss Kristen Bell's voice!!)
 Grab the SPF and say YES for Gossip Girl's NEW ATTITUDE!!
Season 5 starts on September 26!
While I was watching the Vampire Diaries months ago, I realized why both TVD and GG have awesome lines, it's because they're both from The CW Network, I believe that CW produces most of the good shows in US.
As a matter of fact, there's brand new series coming up this Fall which I am excited to watch.
The Secret Circle and Ringer!
 will discuss both on my next post but to do that, I'll have to watch it first! haha! =)

September 9, 2011


TELBandNewGen's You Tube Channel. Watch and be amazed by these young music performers!

The Male Vocalist is my Cousin Kerwin! =p

September 8, 2011

D'rhodora's Blessing

D'rhodora Sportswear and Garments is my mother's family's business, it started out with just one tailor and 1 seamstress making just plain White T-shirts.
Now, as years passed by, they've grown in to over 30 seamstresses, 6 rubberized painters/artists, 3 seamstress (the very first seamstress is still with us) and 5 merchandise packer AND!!! we don't make just plain T-shirts anymore, we specialize in Basketball Jersey uniforms, jackets, Jogging Pants, Polo Shirts, Shorts, Banner etc. etc. Just Name it and we have it.
We're now also offering Sports equipment and just recently renovate our show room. Wasn't able to take BEFORE pictures but Here's the AFTER renovation pictures of the show room.

D'rhodora's employees.

Fr. Mark Ancheta.

Letter "D" Glass door!

We also accept orders from abroad.
Contact us (044) 463-0685