March 16, 2011

LV Dream

I've never been fond of LV bags not because they're not beautiful or whatever but because I knew I couldn't afford them. I didn't wanna try and look for them in stores nor through online shops because I knew Ill get obsessed with the bags and will want to buy them but eventually ill be dismayed by the fact that I will never have them. But since I saw this New LV bag called The Speedy 30 with Strap in fresh Monogram Idylle (i don't know if it's still new though!) I wasn't able to help myself but look through it over and over. I even thought of buying a replica of this bag but i saw how different it is with the original one so i backed out.
the bag was really beautiful, aside from the fact that its monogram is uncommon, the bag is very roomy with a size of (LxHxD): 11.8" x 8.3" x 6.7". It is a great bag for someone like me, who always bring lots of things in her bag. What I like most about this is that it has an all-around shoulder strap in which you can carry it by hand if you're attending a formal event, by shoulder on a usual day or by cross-body you're if  feeling lazy and wearing just jeans. It's so versatile, and the colors are perfect in Sepia, Fusain and Encre which can match any color of your outfit. I just wish I can afford to have $1,180 to have this bag. i'm so in love with it, I hope when the time comes that i already have a thousand $ in my pocket, it will be still available in the market. Hahaha!

Oh yeah! before I forgot here's the picture of my DREAM BAG. =)



I'd love to have this in ENCRE.
How bout you? what's your LV Dream?

March 11, 2011

My heart and prayers for Japan.

My day was shocked by the news that happened to Japan. a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. So tonight, as I go to sleep, I say these prayers..

“Lord God, tonight I pray not only for myself and for my family. I pray for the country of Japan, The countries in Asia and the entire world. I pray for the safety of Japanese people and for you to give them faith in this dark time of their lives. I pray for those whose in need of food and shelter that may they find a place to rest tonight and to gain their strengths again. Heal them Lord with your powerful hands and make them feel safe. I know Lord that this calamity stops here and that every people in this world will come together as we pray for your grace. We have faith in you Lord. bless this earth, the place you created for us, bless us. Amen.”

Nail It!

I have always been fond of having my nails done since I was a kid and when I started college, I have been deprived of wearing the most wonderful colors for 4 years since It was required in my course to NOT wear any nail polish.
After I graduated, My mom and my sisters opened a salon as our small business in front of our house and since then, I have been changing my nails' color from time to time. 
I've worn different hues of Black, Blues, Pinks, Purple and my favorite -- Red! I have worn all shades of Red Nail polish and even tried out some French tips whenever I feel girly. 
One time, my mom opted to buy for another brand of Nail polish in the US instead of using our usual Brand which are also bought there because she finally found one that lasts longer, cheaper and has variety of colors to choose from. The Nail polish' brand was SANTEE and I couldn't agree more! Its the only nail polish that lasts in my nails for about two weeks or more and has great colors that can instantly brighten up my complexion. I instantly fell in love with it and even our customers doesn't have anything bad to say. In fact, we have customers from different places like Cebu and Manila who goes home here in Cabanatuan to have their nails polished with Santee, and yes they said it lasts longer so they kept on coming back in our Salon. 
I was too happy with the feedbacks so I told my mom to buy different colors and shades that Santee has, she Bought almost every shade and one color that grabbed my attention was the NUDE one.
 I was into browns before, but I've never tried to wear Nude color, so when I saw it, I instantly had it painted on my nails and voila!! -- it was a great choice. 
After that, when I saw news trends about Nail Polish for Spring/Summer, it seemed like NUDE was counted too. I was so happy that my mom made a great choice on this one and that I tried it and It worked for me and Ill be just waiting for the right season to come! HAHA!
So now that it's already SPRING and SUMMER is just around the corner.. Finally, I had the guts to say "enough of RED". i had my nails cleaned and opted for NO NAIL POLISH two weeks before today and had it painted in NUDE again! =)
I know we all have different opinions or favorites when it comes to colors, of course we also have to balance the right hues that will match our complexion and taste or even our auras when we put on nail polish. so to help you with choosing the right colors for spring, look at these pictures below and call your favorite salon for an appointment ASAP! =)

  • BABY BLUE -- Yup! you heard it right, pastel colors are so back. thanks to Chanel for making blue oh so hot to wear again. It is perfect for summer because of its pastel color. Wear it on an outing in the beach!
  • WHITE -- If you love donning a French manicure, this will be a great alternative to lessen the girl effect of French tips. 
  • PINK-- Try different shades of Pink. Baby pink, Fuchsia Pink, Hot Pink and skip RED and Save it for some other time! Spring and Summer is about color, so do not be afraid to wear them!  

  • NUDE -- If you are already wearing bright colors for your clothes this season, I suggest for you to wear a nail polish that's classic like NUDES. Especially if you don't like to change your polish every now and then, this hue will compliment almost every color of your outfit that you'll be wearing in any occasion and in any place. Just keep in Mind that when you're choosing a Nude Color, find the one that's similar to your skin color. It could be browns, light nude, beige, mocha, tan, so you can get the perfect NUDE. It is also a plus that this nail color had been strutting down the runway shows. you're on the trend, so wear it! =)
This is the COLOR I'm wearing RIGHT NOW.
Which is also available in LIGHT NUDE
Remember that whatever color you choose, make sure you're nails are cleaned very well so you wouldnt have to look at a yellow stained nails after wearing them. Goodluck!


March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Reign!

Yay!! It's his 23rd birthday!! 
Reign has been my friend since 2nd year high school and since then d na ata kami nagkahiwalay! haha!
 If you'll look at him, iisipin mo suplado sya but the truth is he's one of the friendliest person I've ever known. He's the type of friend who would run to me when I have problems, yung bang kahit hindi ko sya tawagin, nandyan sya? He knows kapag may problem ako with just one look and he's the one who would defend us kapag may umaway samin na lula. haha! (alam nya yon!) 
We call him "ashtie" (long story) but he was more than just an Aunt to us, he would motivate us to study well, to go to class at  bongga mang-gising sa umaga yan! haha!!
We've been through a lot of things together, happy moments, heart breaks, endless jokes, even shared the same apartment! o ha! Actually, magkatukayo nga yata kami sa pag-aaral nyan eh, kapag failed sya, ako din failed, kapag pasado sya, pasado din ako. HAHAHA! 
 I actually don't know how to further explain who he is and how much he meant to me (naks),
I wish i could put everything into words, but It really wouldn't be enough. 

So since hindi mai-put into words let's try by pictures!! HAHA! (Damn, can't find na our old pics.)

At school. he was my classmate for 6 years!!
nagrereview kami nyan!! d lang halata!!
kahit sa BUS kami pala magkatabi! haha!
kasama ko sa saya..

pati sa pag-kain..
at pag-gala...
kahit sa kaartehan nya! HAHA!
SINGLE man kapag Valentine's Day..
ok lang, pwede naman mag celebrate ang mga SINGLE LADIES.
Kahit pagka-graduate, sabay pa din kami mag review. 
sabay nag board exam...
at sabay din naging RN.
pati sa kairehan nya, dinadamay ako!
sa saya, ginhawa..
o hirap... (ay wala ako nung naghirap sya.) haha!!

Celebrating 8 years of friendship!!

Reign, Happy Happy birthday!
 I know we're not always together or i might not be the one you'll call when you need a hug, but i just want you to know that I'm always here for you and that we love you so much and we'll always appreciate the love, care and support that you've given us. Alam mo yan!! haha!
Wish you all the best in life lalo na sa love life!! 
Hope you'll never change and i'll be looking forward to countless years of friendship to share with you.
God Bless!

March 5, 2011

Resort Collection 2011

Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Monique L., Jason Wu, DVF, J.Mendel, Badgley Mischka, Jill Stuart, Chanel, C.Dior were My personal favorites Resort 2011Collections. 

I've posted some pictures from the Runway so you can get Ideas on what to wear this season. 

Yves Saint Laurent 2011 Resort Collection


Photos courtesy of Style.Com

Zac Posen 2011 Resort Collection


Photos Courtesy of