December 2, 2007


Blog excerpt from 2005
Wednesday, September 21.

loved you with all my heart, but that wasnt
I thought you knew how much i cared, and
felt the same way to, but i was wrong.
I gave you so many chances, to try and change;
But none of them was used, which brings us to this day.
A day full of hate, dread, and sorrow.
That I never can forget.
You lied to me again, and done what i
thought was best.
I told you it was over, that this
was the end;
But fact is I still love you, but your no
where to be found...
I figured if you cared, you would
try to work things out, but you didnt.
You agreed for it to end. ..
I still love you and hope you know, but someday i will eventually let go.
I miss your touch and kiss, but maybe one day we will meet again.
I sit here alone. Wondering, thinking. .
Who will she be? Will it be me? Do you still love me?
This i dont know, but maybe one day, you will tell me so. . .

December 1, 2007

For Once

sometimes, i don't know why i
bother to love,
when i know
for a fact that
it'll always be the
same story,
chasing a heart that
will never be
mine and mine only;
begging for some
affection that
will never be given,
sacrificing for a
doubtful future;
and crying and fyting
for a love that makes
my life
most difficult and the
most critical...
but still..
loving is
the happiest
thing ever..

-sad but true..
somebody send this message to me,
about 12:02 am of today...
well, you know who u are..

Blog post from my multiply site - 2007