January 30, 2012


Since I celebrated my birthday with my friends, my bf and I never got the chance to have a dinner date which we've been planning for weeks. I have been craving for a quiet and nice dinner for my birthday so I took Erickson to Pablos with me when we got home from vacation. It was a windy and cold night so my smile was seen up to my ears coz the ambiance and mood was really something that I really wanted. 
We had dinner and unbelievably -- I wasn't able to finish my food! We both felt like staying so we ordered bottles of beer for both of us and just watched our vacation Video while sipping from our own glasses.

While watching the vid on FB, I saw a news about Board Exams result that drove me crazy!! I instantly called Charles to congratulate him coz I read his recent Twitter post saying "I survived, jusmio" thinking that he already passed the board exam. Unfortunately, it was a mistake, he was talking bout a job interview yata and the news that I saw was a false alarm. HAHA!! Erickson was playng with the cam so he took this shots of me while laughing at my STUPID-NESS. LOL!
Im not the subject here but here's me laughing at my own mistakes! LOL!
Thank You, may maayos din! LOL!
After a bottle, I felt the urge to pee..I forgot how far the c.r was kasi u have to go pa inside the hotel and since hindi ko na kaya, I gave in. LOL!
When i came back, the waiters were looking at me and smiling... I sat down on my chair and noticed a saucer in front of me with something delicious and bright. LOL!

Chenen!! the birthday cake that didn't make it 3 days ago. HAHA! I have a loong story about my bday cakes!!
This actually is my 4th and last cake for my 23rd. Thank You Panget!! I know how this cake pressured you! LOL!

Ang batang excited sa Cake. LOL! FINALLY!
Me and my Double Torte Cake. 

It was definitely what I've been wanting for my birthday. Sabi nila kapag daw quiet place na ang hanap, tumatanda na. I won't argue with them, I really felt so old na . HAHA! I used to think that being 23 is the time to be an independent adult. And so, I am planning to do that this year. So Help me, God. =)

Thank you Panget for this night and for keeping up with my moods and kalokohans. Love You!!

January 29, 2012

TVD Season 3 Episode 12 - The TIES that BIND

After 12 episodes... I CAN FINALLY SMELL HOPE for STEFAN!!
Thank You for PUNCHING DAMON!! I was really wishing you'd do that!!
Fave Part!! 
plus ELIJAH is BACK!!! 
I have NO WORDS for this Series, I can actually NOT tell which episode is my favorite! Whenever every episode ends, I would always say "this is EPIC" the kind of "HOW CAN THEY TOP THIS EPISODE NEXT WEEK'' but THEY ALWAYS DO!!! 
Dammmmmmmit!!  wish it can last for 50 more seasons! LOL!
Paul Wesley is really a one heck of an actor. His eyes could talk!! I love you and I will really MARRY YOU in my next life! =)
P.S. SORRY, this is an out of the blue post and is really exaggerated HAHAHA! but I CANT HELP IT!! =)

Photos from CW.

January 27, 2012


OH NO! My ever favorite editing site is closing down!
I've started using picnik since day 1 and  actually stopped when MOST people on FB uses it na.  I'm not the kind of user naman who edits her entire face and then will put on a lot of letters and stickers around her picture - I find those very corny, no offense. HAHA! I just wanted to minimize the number of my pictures on FB so I Always use the collage thingy in Picnik and the Black and white feature to hide the madumi or panget background on my beautiful pictures. AHAHAH! So, since it's givng away its premium features for FREE, (yes guys, its free na! buti nalang d ako nag renew ng membership for premium account! LOL!) I tried to at least use some of the features I haven't tried. Look what I did. =)



This is my fave thing to do, KEEP my BACKGROUND in B&W. HEHE!
BTW, this picture was taken by my ever dearest Panget last night at Pablo's. We had Dinner in celebration of my 23rd birthday since we really didn't have the chance to go out on a date on the exact day of my bday. I real wanted a nice and quiet place so we headed to Pablo's. =)

Sneak Peek!

Music: Domino by Jessie J
Edits by yours truly.

January 25, 2012

Thank You!!

As the saying goes, It is better to be late than NEVER!!! So, I'd like to make a shout out to all those people who took a small amount of their time to send me lovely greetings for my birthday!! I've been reading all of your wall posts, texts and tweets since the 24th and I'm still NOT yet done. HAHA! All of your FUNNY and Sincere messages are deeply appreciated!
Thank You to my FAMILY and FRIENDS for keeping me in high spirits these past few days... It's been a great week with all of you! Thank You again from the bottom of my heart! God Bless you all and be forever young!!x ♥

P.S. I'm sharing this beautiful sunset with you which I think is the sign to finally accept that I'm already 16. Feels old but I can't hardly wait to turn 18!! Woohoo!!

This actually is a reminder how beautiful LIFE is. Thank you Lord for an amazing 23 years of life and blessings.

January 16, 2012

Ocean Adventure

The usual way for us to spend the first days of New Year is to go out of town. And since we have a new van, we've decided to go to Manaoag and have it blessed. Unfortunately, we all woke up late because of our so-called "holiday laziness" - that feeling of being so tired  because of last night's festivities!! LOL!
Anyhow, we ended up going to Ocean Adventure in Subic because of their hangover from Enteng ng Ina Mo. If you've seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. =)


Pang Lookbook ni Met!
Eto pang COOKBOOK ko. 
Eto d ko alam kung pang saan. LOL!
Paparazzi Shot. LOL!

Kuya, wrestler!!

Mapa Senior Citizen o Bata, same price pa din.. bakit hindi nalang may 20% discount ang mga bata sa lahat tulad ng SC's? LOL

Happy babies equals a Happy Mommy!

Isn't it so amazing how they do things ng sabay? =)

This is AWEsome
Parang gusto ko, ako ung lumilipad. hehehe!

The Killer Whale

I love our color!!



The HIGHLIGHT of the Show. LOL!

Add caption

Simba is a blind Sea Lion. Just soooo A-MA-ZING!

SORRY, but we didn't talk about what color to wear. hahahaha!!

Filipinos are really world class!! the last place I've seen such as beautiful as this Sea Lion show was in Ocean Park, H.K. Really makes me proud to be pinoy! Kudos Ocean Adventure!!