June 20, 2012

It's (definitely) MORE FUN in the Philippines!

Watch, Laugh and LEARN!! 

After watching this video last night, a TV commercial surprised me naman today. It was about the Philippine's BEST Ice Cream Collection! i'm like, "REALLY?". But yes, I saw it right! Magnolia Philippines recently introduced it's newest Ice Cream Collection - "Best of the Philippines".
Here in our country, there's always that ONE famous FESTIVAL, ONE FOOD SPECIALTY in EACH TOWN, and so, Magnolia gathered the BEST of the BEST Flavors in our 7,107 islands and came up with 6 uniquely created Ice Cream flavors!! I can't explain how happy I am that someone genius, thought of this! It suited really well in our Tourism's campaign "It's more fun in the Philippines", can you Imagine an Ice Cream inspired by different tourist spots and towns? HAHA! Okay enough of this!
Ladies and Gents, presenting -- Magnolia's BEST of The Philippines Collection!

LOVE THE CAPTION! It's TRUE! I live by those words! =)
"ALA EH!!", Kapeng Barako and Tsokolates.
When you hear these three, you'll know what they mean -- BATANGAS!
I've visited Batangas for like.. ONLY TWICE in my life! Back when I was in 6th grade and just a month ago!
I wasn't able to buy Kapeng Barako and Tsokolates coz we didn't have much time to go to wherever we can buy it,
but I'm glad I can taste them through Ice Creams now! =)

Inspired by Batangas' Tsokolate (Chocolate)
Laguna, Laguna!!
I've been here a LOT of times but I never knew that Macapuno, Banana and Langka were they're specialties!
All I know is that they have Hot Springs that we always visit! LOL!
Tourism campaigns are really informative nowadays!! =)
LAGUNA inspired. I WANT!!!!

THIS!! I am a living testimony to BAGUIO's UBE by Good Sheperd!!
Baguio has been my second home, I cannot count anymore how many times I've been here but
it's one of the few places I'll never forget! Plus It's the place where I lived on my own for the 1st time in my life! =)
Good Sheperd is a convent in Mines View, Baguio City. The food products are specially made by good sheperd nuns
and the money produced from its sale is donated to different charities.
If you're going to visit Baguio City, be sure to bring home Good Sheperd's UBE with you - Just like I ALWAYS DO!
And by ALWAYS I meant, ALWAYSSSSSSS!! =)
Can't wait to try this one! 
Okay, I've never been to GUIMARAS! I didn't knew they were famous for Mangoes and I'm hating myself NOW!
HAHA! KIDDING ASIDE, I didn't know GUIMARAS very well, so I made a research and found out  that it is an island
province in Visayas, located in Panay Gulf. And when I thought CEBU is the place for Mangoes, well NO! GUIMARAS is!
They have Manggahan Festival during Summer and SARANGGOLA FESTIVALS (Kite Festival) in Brgy. Buenavista.
AND Of course! They have wonderful beaches!! Live on Island PEG! =) 

These are just some of the pictures my friend GOOGLE just showed me. Isn't Guimaras beautiful?
I think I must include this place in my "MUST SEE PLACES in the PHILS."
So, the BEST THING about all of these (aside from the deliciousness and country) is the PRICE!
Yes, As we all can see, It's only 240.00 Php per Tub. Good Deal, huh!? 
What are you all waiting for, pack your bags, ride a plane, visit the PHILIPPINES and grab some yummy Filipino ICE CREAM!! So PROUD TO BE FILIPINO!!

The Video and Photos are NOT mine.
Credits to their rightful Owners!